Meven Studio has its own independent style. Although it may seem that the studio is newly established, we would like to note that this studio through its professional team members applies unique ideas and innovations to create different styles of photos and videos for the customers. Our team has three members with multi-cultural and educational backgrounds with the goal to help you create and save invaluable memories. 


Our team has three members with multi-cultural and professional media education backgrounds. We have over 5 years work experience in media field. 


I am the founder of Meven Studio. The name “Meven” is taken from my name and my wife’s name . The reason why we created Meven studio stems from the shortcomings of the photography team we observed on our own wedding ceremony. The shortcomings inspired me to design this studio to bring an eternal happy image to my costumers’ lives and not let them experience what my wife and I experienced.  


Due to this unhappy experience, we know how important the wedding photographers is, what kind of photos you want and how the most precious moments in your wedding should be saved and recorded. We know how nervous you are on that big day, so we can make you calm very easily and guide you to the best pose ever.


Not only does Meven studio serve the weddings, but also it creates any other types of photos. Including the warmest family life moments as well as memorable pictures with your adorable pets.


Hi! Yes, I’m the bride who didn’t have any professional photos and videos of her wedding, so my husband proposed the idea to celebrate our 10th anniversary, but this time with a lot of good pictures!

My background is Digital Film Arts and Event Management. I was a TV Show director few years ago, and I am crazy about creating wonderful photos in special angles. Moreover, I’m a considerate person who will take care of your feeling and find the most beautiful side of you. As a lady, I will use a unique feminine perspective to record your every valuable moment!


Hey, I am Ivana, a photographer in Ottawa. I love telling stories through photographs.  I often think, at the end of the day, what will be the things we could look back on? I think we should be able to capture our life moments, look at them and revisit them whenever we would like to.  To this end, I create your visual memories by capturing any moments you would want me to do. I’d love to have the opportunity to spread the spirit of happiness through my lens filling up your lives with happy moments that will one day make you smile.